Two Hearts  I  One Canvas

"We are both inspired by our spiritual experiences. We feel a connection to the same Divine Hand that has been inspiring artists for centuries. Our process for painting; in the layering of paint, the poetic dance between the abstract elements and the symbolic imagery, and creating together in a common vision, we feel a synergy with the Creator and the creation."

John and Elli Milan met and fell in love in Hawaii while Elli was still in high school. Deciding early to make a career as artists, they enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design and later transferred to the University of Georgia where they received their BFA in painting. It was in this small, but vital city, that the couple developed personal styles and began showing their work in local galleries.  

The couple has worked as professional artists since they graduated in 1996. They have sold their work through galleries and art consultants throughout the US, and Europe. Their artwork can be found in private collections all over the world. Although they have been successful as fine artists, it didn't feel like enough for them. They wanted to help other artists live out their dream as successful professional artists. While they continue to build their own fine art careers, they have opened the Milan Art Institute in 2010.


John and Elli's passion for helping other artists is fueled by their love for people, their love for the creative process, and a desire to inspire artists to live out their purpose. The couple personally works with 12 artists per year, teaching them techniques and skills, helping them find their voice and develop their style. They also teach the artists how to market their work and find their community of support. At the Milan Art Institute, artists are introduced to innovative, contemporary, mixed media techniques within a foundation of classical skills. 

John and Elli have had a long love affair with the beautiful country of Greece.  The Milans have worked from temporary studios for 6 month periods many times over the years. Each year, the Milan family takes 12 artists to Greece and they paint and tour the country like a local. They all leave their artistic mark, while creating a mural for the community.

John and Elli have taught all three of their daughters mastery skills, and style development at the Milan Art Institute. These sisters are all passionate about art and have been dedicated to their careers from a young age. They are committed to the trueness of their voice and are always aspiring towards excellence in their skills. Their abilities, vision, and dedication have inspired many people who have come to know them and have watched them evolve.